Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ground control to make major ch-ch-ch-changes (OOC)

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So. Yet another "back-in-game-after-long-break-post". This time I have been out of the game for about 5 months. Leaving just after having launched a bunch of community projects and stuff. Not a good thing for anyone, really. But this is how my relationship with Eve is now: I have played it so much that the moment I feel like not logging in, then I won't. And that moment comes whn you least of all expect it. And it might take a week before I am back. Or five months. So, that calls for some major changes.

1. No more community projects on me.
I am leaving the timeline project and handing it over to anyone who might want to take care of it. Get in touch if you want to be a caretaker. Preferably in our tweetfleet Slack channel: #eve-timeline. I am continuing Pics In Space! (this website will soon be gone) as my private solo project, but with no advertised activity or any sort of ambition, only to continue to take pictures wherever I fly. And should someone want me to do a photo mission, they may contact me in-game or through twitter. The #tweetfleet community of Twitter is by far the best place for me personally to stay in contact with the community. Good attitude, fun loving dudes and dudettes, low on drama, high on content. Love it.

Who is next to be biomassed?
2. Downsizing all accounts and characters.
I fly a lot of different characters. Some known to be my alts and others completely disconnected from Saftsuze's public world. I am biomassing a few of them as soon as I have extracted all possible skillpoints. Then consolidating six character into two accounts. Some toons will ramain obscure and disconnected from my public appearance, others continue on. Uncle Earl will continue his shop in some manner, I think, but with a deteriorating selection of refurbished stolen goods. The feminist-ecologist punk-rock activist Simone Kingston will probably not be able to continue her skill training. And reclaiming ore is nearly impossible these days. She has enjoyed a more violent and aggressive asteroid protection through war, but wardecs demands constant log-ins and some research. As for my other associates, they enjoy their anonymity and take care of my growing funds and assets.

3. Changed blogging.
I have never blogged a lot, but lately I have raised the bar for stories worth writing. Now I want to lower it again. And that is why I am also going to move from blogger to tumblr. It is just a way more practical platform for short updates in different formats. Expect more short stories and reports. And pictures as well, I really like that. Going to keep my photography tumblr separate for now, and have a slightly different approach to what pics goes where. Quick illustrative pics related to my pirate life for the Criminal Countdown Lounge, and longer series of pictures of general interest over at Pics in Space! In addition there will be quotes from interesting chats and longer transcripts from chats. However, if something amazing happens, it will probably become a longer story just as before. Oh, and I will try to stay semi-in-character all the time.

4. No commitment
So, yeah, there you have it. See you when I am playing, but don't expect me to be around all the time. But I will probably never cancel my account, because Eve Online is the best MMO ever created. Period.


  1. Am glad to have you back, either way :D

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