Friday, January 10, 2014

Upper Lip Finesse

An era is over. I have left my beloved Black Rebel Rifter Club and all the R1DERs. There is no dramatic rage or intrigues involved in this, it is rather a result of a slow enlightenment process and a lot of looks in the mirror. Who am I? The Rebels have shaped me into what I am: The most handsome scumbag New Eden has ever seen. 

And a loner to the bone. Even when I could join fleets in R1DER I often chose not to. But now I cannot even turn them down, because of the new schedule and timezone of my favorite holoreel show “Real Life”. So I came to realize that I had little reason to stay in R1FTA. My friends in R1FTA is in all my public communication channels anyway.

It was time put my perfectly haired clone into some good use. To give back to the community in low security space. To help their clones to achieve the same level of sexiness as yours truly. I had to do it. Open up my own beauty shop. So, welcome to:

Beauty Parlor for the Low Sec Gentleman.
Special services:
  • Shield and deep structure peeling.
  • Laser removal of unwanted hairy fittings.
  • Armortherapy.
  • Express tanning at zero at the sun.
  • Pedicure for nail biting frigate pilots.
Free Moustache Waxing and Trimming for every appointment. We recommend using Saftsuze’s Special Nanite Wax™ with Energized Pro Nano-Vitamins Formula® for extra shine and volume.

Hope to see you around!