Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life In The Upper Lip League

So, there has been some trouble lately, in my favorite holoreel reality show: “Real Life”. The main character got a rather serious illness and there was a lot going on in his life in general as well. So I've been glued to the holoreeler for a few months and not plugged my clone to a capsule for a long time. So Upper Lip Finesse got a rough start. Or rather not a start at all. But, it seems most of the drama in “Real Life” is over for now, the main character is alive and well and I finally have more time to spend in space!

So, with more time to spend, why not spend some more ISK as well? A lot of fun for a lot of ISK. That’s how we play it here in Upper Lip Finesse. It’s a hedonist lifestyle with focus on beauty and pleasure and magnificent explosions. There is nothing like a close shave with a blingy blade!