"Wow, i cant believe this game is full of sad loosers like you. Venture into lowsec just to mine some jaspet, and i get killed."
Mail from Miner

Mea Maxima Culpa

Non-pirate > hope the pirates do you in
Saftsuze > i am a pirate :P
Non-pirate > The serpintas

Saftsuze > 10 mill
Ratter Pod > Wow, eat a dick and die.

Former Rifter pilot > meh, Saft Rifters are holding up on some kind of titanium ductape :/

Miner 1 > to anyone else canmining, as a heads up, Saftsuze is flipping/stealing
Miner 2 > some pilots just doesn't have what it takes to make their own isk

Ransom-Paying-Pod > Mm fine, at least you have the guts to do this solo unlike the last bunch i met

Missionrunner > ur a fag
Missionrunner > saftsuze is a fag
Missionrunner > u fucking piece of monkey shit

Saftsuze > 4 mill to keep ship
Saftsuze > 1 mill to keep pod
Saftsuze > no?
Russian Ratter > не понимаю
Russian Ratter > урод

Low Sec Miner Bodyguard > Saftsuze is going to be nasty

Saftsuze > yeah, run back to hisec :)
Weekend Pirate Wannabe > railrunner noob ^^
Weekend Pirate Wannabe  > i still camp here ^^
Weekend Pirate Wannabe  > outch that hurts

Ratting Brutix Pilot > ur makin me shake in my space boots :P
Ratting Brutix Pilot > not cool bro :P

Saftsuze > do you have an offer?
EVE Uni Student taking the class "Low Sec Mining" > nope but i'll make sure you go on unis hit list

Angry Ex-Caracal pilot> ну и нафиг ровню бля нашол