The Library

Tools & Apps
  • PYFA, fitting tool for multiple platforms.
  • Dotlan Maps, The best map for navigation. Try out the excellent tracking tool Radar FAVOURITE! 
  • EVE Trader, iPhone app for traders.  UNCLE EARL'S FAVOURITE! 
  • Neocom, iOS app for character monitoring, ship fitting and market data!  FAVOURITE! 
  • EVE Droid, Android app. Character monitoring and fitting, like Neocom, but now very outdated and buggy.

Guides & Stuff to Read

Podcasts & News
  • Hydrostatic Podcast (RSS Feed). The number one podcast, moustache certified.  FAVOURITE! 
  • Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah (RSS Feed), Excellent analysis on the game and short enough for a bus ride through the city center.  FAVOURITE! 
  • Eve Prosper. If you at all do any kind of trading and/or production, this show is a must. Live on Twitch, recorded on YouTube and downloadable as a sound-only podcast.  FAVOURITE! 
  • New Eden Update. A daily soundbite of the Eve news. Excellent for your daily synthetic coffee.
  • Eve Online Weekly. A weekly summary of the news. Perfect for your weekly glass of sparkling wine.
  • EN24 Podcast. I don't read much on EN24, but they produce an excellent podcast.
  • Crossing Zebras, Nr. 1 CCP Certified Best Podcast in Eve Online History. Ever. Nice boyband music.
  • Declarations of War, news, politics and mercenary stuff.
  • Fly Reckless (RSS Feed), news, politics, fitting, industry and failmails.
  • Total Eve, feeds from all major news sources.
  • EVE Bloggers, Portal for active EVE blogs.