Monday, May 9, 2011

The soloists forms an ensemble and performs a great crescendo

The Tengu had been on d-scan quite a while. Now, Tengus are not exactly my kind of target, so when I am roaming alone in my Rifter, I mentally ignore them on my scanner. But I had a mate in system that has more experience with bigger and more advanced ships than me and he had a hunch that the pilot of this very Tengu was of the more inexperienced kind.

I cursed my Helios-loss a few days back, but thankfully I still had the trusty old Imicus with Combat Probes I in the cargo hold. I scanned him down in a minute or so - I mean, who needs faction probes and a T2 scanning frigate?

My mate jumped into a Hurricane and I swapped to a ship I seldom fly, but often run away from: A Dramiel. My heart was already pumping and the adrenaline level was raising. Our corp’s public channel, The Overheated Hot Tub, was boiling as I got ready to fleet warp us in. Fleet warp didn’t work, or more probable: I did it wrong, a pesky solo pilot as I am. So, I landed alone. 60 km off the Tengu. He must have been in movement at a safe spot when I scanned him down - a good example for all to follow when at safe spots - but that safety measure wouldn’t save him from the insanely fast beast that had arrived on grid. Within few seconds I had him locked and pointed.

Now the temperature in the already Overheated Hot Tub was rising even more. I was screaming for more damage and more pilots to join. Come now! Now! My corp mate was on his way, just stopping to pick up a Myrmidon on the way, but still had many jumps left. My mate in the Hurricane was in warp after my failed fleet warp. But his Hurricane couldn’t stand the damage from the Tengu and had to quickly warp out. He called for another mate with a Tengu himself. But he was quite a lot of jumps away so I was in for a long orbit, constantly watching newcomers in local, while trying to calm down. I was never calm. I kept wasting my ammo on him even though I had no chance to break his tank. But, hey, I’m never cool and calm, I’m a Hothead!

Thankfully my extreme speed kept me out of harm, until a Badger showed up! Yes, a Badger Mark II, probably piloted by the Tengu pilots alter ego. It shot my drones and actually managed to get a few hits on me as well and worst of all: some e-war stuff made me loose my lock on the Tengu for 10 seconds or so! But I was fast back at him.

The gang was four jumps out now, and I really concentrated on keeping lock and point. And to make a long story short: The Myrmidon and the other Tengu we brought in, made the poor Tengu die faster than a mining Navitas in low security space.

I failed at getting the pod because my hands were shaking and I deactivated the preheating of the warp scrambler, so even though I managed to lock the pod, I didn’t get the scram on him before he warped off. But I had just destroyed 500 millons of ISK. What a rush! The first gang kill by Overheated Hotheads (with associated friends) sure was a bit bigger than I expected!

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