Thursday, July 28, 2011

Me Killed Drake, Me Now GOOD Kill!

Capessa > it's exhausting me chasing you around Saftsuze!
Capessa > would you just stay still for a bit! lol
Saftsuze > oh, are you chasing me?
CptBen > he's delaying for backup
Capessa > nah, he's a good solo pilot, even though I see he's joined a new crew
Capessa > I saw him solo a drake in his rifter once
Capessa > I was too far away to get to him until it went pop
Saftsuze > yeah, we competed for that drake, didnt we?
(Log slightly edited for readability)
At this point I had to break out of my little moment of narcissism as I realised I was at a gate and being targeted by a Harbinger or something of that size - so I had to jump.

A bit later I find a noob in a Rupture and start pounding his armor with no effect. Then I notice a local pirate entering local and I probably have to accept that this kill is going to be lost to his Stabber Fleet Issue. I get out of disruptor range just as he lands on grid. Since I am such a gentleman scumbag, I offer a salute in local:
Saftsuze > o7 Buck
Buck Flintrock > howdy
Buck Flintrock > fast little bastard
Buck Flintrock > lol
Saftsuze > you didnt get him either?
Buck Flintrock > I was trying to get you
Buck Flintrock > black rifter is better kill than some noob lol
Saftsuze > :D
Randolph Wambaugh > uh I'm right here guys
Saftsuze > LOL
Buck Flintrock > oops sorry
So, it turns out I am no longer the noob I was last summer. I like it. But I still die a lot, though, so don't get too proud if you happen to make me go boom!

Now, go read Bucks blog over at!


  1. I remember you in the hotheads channel when that Drake kill happened :) Good stuff mate.

    I seem to find people take great pleasure in reducing me of my ship and pod too. I didn't sign up for this! Lol :p


  2. LOL! So Buck ran into you, did he... haha

  3. Oooh, I am getting comments now!? See, I am not that used to blogging. How am I gonna keep up with this.

  4. I felt pity for Randolph.

    Also, congratulations to having moved to a real BLÖG - finally!