Thursday, February 17, 2011

Donations Appreciated

Today one of the most amazing things happened to me in my life as a Capsuleer. Someone donated me 100 million ISK. I have no idea who this pilot is. It might be a silly mistake, it might be a random act of goodness, it might be a generous alt of some friendly pilots. I don't know. So I sent him this:

I do not know you, I have no idea why you gave me 100 mill ISK - if it was a mistake or if it was of pure goodness. Whatever the reason I thank you very much. Since I am a poor pirate with few skills, other than for shooting at other ships, this kind of income is greatly appreciated.
I will add you as a contact with excellent standing and should we ever meet in space I will consider ransom already payed.
Fly safe and best wishes from Saftsuze.

PS: Should you ever feel the need to spread some more ISK love, my wallet is always open for donations.

And that PS applies to you, the reader as well.

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