Monday, February 14, 2011

Taranis to structure

Well, a few days ago i tried out a rather expensive shield Rifter. It blew up after an Enyo landed on top of me and another Rifter I had decided to engage without proper research or even a quick look through local... Not a good fight.

Today I did however meet an eager-to-fight pilot in a Taranis at a gate. And I thought: What the hell, why not try? And so I did. I was actually amazed by how the shield held for a long time (long in the context of a frigate fight) and I managed to get the Taranis into structure before my overheated guns had no more hull to hold on to and I had to start thinking about my clone instead.

Two expensive Rifters exploded without any kills - but one very good fight. Not too good, but I must say I like the shielded version a lot and will definately get another batch delivered to me.