Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Impatient Miner and The Loss of His Hulk

hulk [huhlk]
1. the body of an old or dismantled ship.
2. a ship specially built to serve as a storehouse, prison, etc.,and not for sea service.
3. a clumsy-looking or unwieldy ship or boat.
So, there I was, yet again, looking at my directional scanner showing a clear signal of a Hulk and some kind of industrial ship, obviously mining and hauling, in a low security systems asteroid belt. This situation, it is always a weird moment that consist of disbelief followed by blinking ISK signs, ca-ching sounds and lust for pod goo. I fired up my warp drive and got down to business. Except the Hulk pilot did not want to do business and paid the price. The industrial pilot warped off when I landed and now I noticed on d-scan that he had switched to a carrier! Time to grab the loot and get off grid. Not that I wouldn’t like to kill a carrier, but ... alone in my Rifter?

Saftsuze > wow - now thats something to fight in a rifter!
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > u dont want come
Saftsuze > i was offering ransom, but got no response - bad business decision :P
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > not u will see i make war to u now ;)
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > i will pass some time in station ;)
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > u know what .... some time its better leave in peace some guys ....
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > im the suport of this alliance so u will need to paye me 500M witout that i hunter anywhere u are
Saftsuze > i know, i am in peace with myself
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > good ;)
Saftsuze > 500 mill!! I dont have that!
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > i dont care
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > u need to pay that
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > ;)
Saftsuze > are you gonna hunt me then?
Saftsuze > since i cant pay?
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > lool ur juste a little noob now assume what u do
Saftsuze > shit, i really regret killing that hulk now
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > i dont care i will talk to ur CEO and u need to pay that
Saftsuze > no! dont tell my ceo, he will be so angry at my failure!
Saftsuze > and we dont want no war with carrier pilots like yourself
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > do think im alonw with carrier .. lool we are 2 alliance and we work together ... im de Ceo of the PVP division
Saftsuze > holy crap, i seem to have pissed of the wrong people! i need new underwear now...
Ore Hauler & Carrier Pilot > i just send a message of ur CEO so now i wait his anwser ...
Saftsuze > shit

Needless to say, both the CEO and your handsome director of Black Rebel Rifter Club was pleased. And there was much amusement from the Hulks rather curious sensor boosting fit: I WANNA MINE! NOW! GET THAT ROID LOCKED NOW!

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