Monday, May 23, 2011

Overheated Hotheads [BURNT] on Ice

So, a two month long adventure has ended. All of the two the members of BURNT has joined R1FTA - The Black Rebel Rifter Club.

But before you shout out FAIL! and I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU SO! I would like to state that the creation of Overheated Hotheads has been one of my most successful endeavours in New Eden. We never reached high membership numbers, but the process of defining the philosophy behind the corp has made me much more aware of what makes my life as a capsuleer a good one.

And the biggest win of all: The Overheated Hot Tub - our public channel. It has become a very entertaining pool to dip into, and the small, but active bathing community, are sharing jokes and fittings and intel all while soaking in. And we all smell a lot better than we used to. Come join us, if you feel like it. The Hot Tub will not be put on ice - that would cause shrinkage!

So, The Black Rebel Rifter Club, you say? Yeah, my good in-game friend and mentor, Miura Bull, has decided to run his own corp again. When seeing that he had ideas very close to mine, and were actually encouraging flying solo, I did not hesitate to offer a transfer of members from BURNT to R1FTA. The successful parts of BURNT are all corp independent so it is easy to bring along into the club. And I am honoured to have been granted a director role and looking forward to build the corp with Miura. Exciting times ahead!

And did I mention that we are recruiting? No, I don't think so: Join The Autocannon and have a chat with us!

End note:

Actually, I take my role as a director so seriously that I went ahead and made my first stupid and expensive explosion this very morning. It is an example of good leadership to show the other Rebels not to worry too much about their losses and killboard stats: We are Rebels, not Elite Soldiers!

(Actually, I warped to 0 when what I really wanted to, was warp to 100 and just get a visual of those battlecruisers. I got webbed and scrammed pretty fast and had no chance. The Jaguar curse seem to still be in place: I am not to fly that ship!)

Some new personal rules:
1. I shall not log on very early in the morning
2. If I break rule number one, a Rifter is the most expensive thing I am gonna fly.

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