Monday, March 26, 2012

Recommended Scripts for Ancient Terran NeoCom Pocket Device

I have for a long time been using an excellent script called EVE Universe for my treasured Terran Apple iPhone Mark IV. This script is just getting better and better. The fitting tool makes long shuttle trips exciting and I get reports on wallet transactions and skill training and anything else I need to know from my associates. I can check my inbox and I can make basic skill plans. And a lot more.

If you have stumbled upon one of those Terran Apple Devices on your space travels, I highly recommend this script. And should you happen to install it, you should pay some Terran Currency to the maker for an ad free experience and then donate some more. Because he is doing an excellent job on constantly updating the script as New Eden scientists develop new modules, redesign ship blueprints and change fitting requirements.

The script called EVE Universe that I have installed on my Terran Apple iPhone Mark IV

Another script I have found myself using more and more, is the EVE Trader. Use this script for associates that are trading and you will not have to do any accounting to track your profitability as it gives you detailed reports. However, if you are using your trader as a shopping assistant for your personal hanger, then the reports will get messed up by items being contracted to yourself, as they will stay logged in the reports as bought, but never sold. So this script works best for your dedicated trading associates that transfers profit to you or a shopping assistant every now and then.

I recently got very inspired by Kirith Darkblades non-trained station trader and recruited one for my third licence in my main Capsuleers Agreement. I gave him 30 million ISK, but no time allocated for training, and after a busy week he was worth more than 60 millions. Having only 5 market orders in total makes it a more interesting and a much more mangable challenge. I like it!

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