Thursday, December 13, 2012

Into the Wild, Back to the Civilization

I recently moved up to Egbinger, signed a standard chain-gang contract with CONCORD and got assigned to the Great Wildlands with a licence to kill anything affiliated to The Angel Cartel. For this I will again be eligible for the New Eden Citizen Of The Year Award.

Valganzo Geittikulf, my local CONCORD-contact, let it slip through to me that there were no monitoring of my actions – apart from the automated recording of security status inflicting kills – I was free to only engage the most juicy targets in each system and not bother with pesky frigates and cruisers. He obviously knew I was no reformed criminal set for a career in law enforcement. He knew I was just after a clean sheet and access to high security space. Ah, CONCORD. Have there ever been a greater hypocrite than CONCORD? Isn’t this the truest and greatest institution created in man's image ever? CONCORD – corruption is thy real name. And I love you.

My security status might have changed, but New Eden scientists have yet to discover a way to inject morals into our brains like any other skillbook. High security citizens – I’m back!

New Eden Citizen Of The Year


  1. Phew, at least I'm safe here in low sec!

  2. Welcome back into the fold my favourite moustached devil.

  3. Wait til you see that unnamed battlecruiser lingering in the belt ... drawing you in like a moth to a neon light!