Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apples And Oranges

Saftsuze > Salutations!
Badjurk Espressoh > Why the fuck did you do that for?
Saftsuze > To get your stuff and to see a big explosion!
Badjurk Espressoh > Yeah, because I had a lot of stuff, huh?
Saftsuze > Maybe not a lot, but it all adds up.
Badjurk Espressoh > Not a lot? I had none!
Saftsuze > Strip Miner I - this module I just got from you.
Badjurk Espressoh > Yeah, and you just cost me about 30 million ISK.
Saftsuze > And you just made me a couple of millions and got to see an explosion!
Badjurk Espressoh > Yes, and you're a dick.

Saftsuze > Oh no, I am most certainly not a dick, I am a most handsome pirate.
Saftsuze > I do have a dick, though.
Badjurk Espressoh > No, you are a dick. You make people lose all their stuff without checking what they even have, just for a couple of ISK. Three million ISK is one mining run. Go do some factional warfare if you're such a handsome pirate.
Saftsuze > Why on Luminaire would i do that?
Badjurk Espressoh > Because people there can actually fight back.
Saftsuze > But I like explosions and other peoples stuff!
Badjurk Espressoh > Yes. That means you're a dick.

Saftsuze > No, a dick is used for sex and urinating, and I am exploding and stealing.
Saftsuze > Oh. You have left me.
Saftsuze > I am all alone.

* Log slightly edited for your reading pleasure. No change of meaning and content.


  1. SOB!!! Where the hell are you?

    Luminaire is the nickname for "Gallente Prime" whitch is like "Earth" to Gallenteans like me, so it is a pathetic little play on words...

  2. LOL!
    Good stuff.
    Found your blog off of Minor Threat.