Monday, April 15, 2013

I've Caught A Nasty Cough

My moustache was smoother than in a long time. I was in a fresh clone, straight from the clone vat showers. Those damn R1FTA-mates had brought me and my Gistii-afterburner-fitted Comet into a slaughter of an engagement that obviously was heavily depending on having a microwarpdrive fitted. So, I was left in a low security system far from home and with no ship wrapped around my pod. I took the expressway back home by self destructing my capsule. Hence, my fresh and smooth moustache. Yeah, I was feeling sexy.

But these days, feeling confident ain’t enough. The moment I see the factional control level in my solar system report, I get sick and want to dock up and cry into my pillow. So, today I avoided the war zone completely and turned my ship towards a former favourite pocket of mine: Atlulle.

And finally magic happened. There it was. The sight that makes a solo frigate fighter ecstatic: Another frigate. In a belt. It was a Retribution. I was in a Firetail. It was time to have some shooting time. Among rocks! What a refreshing feeling it was.

I warped in with preheated guns, afterburner, scrambler and web, but landed 30 km off him. And he had a microwarpdrive fitted.

Spiritenzo > You're in a firetail
Spiritenzo > and you could not catch me?

I warped off to a planet in order to warp back to belt at range. He followed. I warped back to belt, he followed. I repeated. He repeated. We both finally landed in the belt again. He burned out of range. And just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Spiritenzo > *cough* too slow

I kept my cool. I mean, I was obviously hotter than this bearded bastard, but I was concentrating on spatial awareness as the pros call it. I kept following him at slow speed. Cocky pilots do stupid things. Trust me, I have experience. And just as predicted: He started closing in on me again. I preheated the mid rack and approached him slowly, then at 20 km I hit the afterburner and burned! 17! 16! 15! 14! 13 km! Activate web! Spam scram! Spam scram!

He stopped coughing.

Saftsuze > *cough* someone needs to cut down on talk, and walk the walk

A Harpy showed up on scan. I grabbed the loot and warped off. I walk the walk in a running fashion when backup arrives.

Spiritenzo > I was orbiting the BS you when you caught me
Spiritenzo > I was not even trying to get away
Saftsuze > *cough*

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