Thursday, March 13, 2014

Making A Name For Myself

The Moustache Mystery Man
A questionable scumbag with the name of Rixx Javix has included me in his Pirate Trading Card collection. I must admit I feel more honored than I had thought I would. To be honest I did not believe I would make it into the collection. I sure was hoping. I have to admit that, even though I tend to look to Rixx more for popcorn-friendly drama than honorable recognition. But he sure is one hell of a contributor to the general capsuleer population and I am one big sucker for compliments and recognition. 

And Rixx really deserves recognition for his work. Relentless provider of content. Both for planetside and in-capsule consumption.

So. I would love nothing more than to give Rixx Javix a well deserved armortherapy and some deep structure peeling. Free of charge with love from Upper Lip Finesse. I'll probably end up with a sore clone, though.

And my name? It sure is a mystery.


  1. A big fan of the cards and you're on one, that is so cool! Congratulations!

  2. The name mystery was intended both as a joke regarding the name of your corp, and as an allusion to your character name - which Ive always been a fan of.

    The cards are as much about the true characters of Eve, both past and present, as anything else. And you are certainly one of those.

  3. Haha! Nice one! I get so many questions about my personal name, so I didn't see the connection to the CORP name.

    Yeah, I love the persistent space and history in EVE. Where we actually develop characters that matters. A few days ago I met the unlucky (or lucky) miner I ransomed in december 2011. He got a discount for his Hulk because it was christmas (and my arty rifter would have to spend AGES getting through his tank). He has been a reader of my blog since and is one of those industrialists that enjoy the dangers in this game, I love that stuff.

    Well, keep up with the good stuff, Rixx. Seems you have found your place, after a bit of searching :)

  4. Saftszue was forged in the fires of Mount Moustache. *You can see the fires burning in the background) ..... they say that if he shaves off the 'tache he loses all powers and the kingdom of moustache will fall.