Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Very Important Customer

I had been chasing a pair of sexy lips for a while, but they were slipping away all the time. Then suddenly they changed their mind and embraced my hard Kestrel of love. Instant karma.

Now, in this intense moment of intimacy, a whole fleet comes bursting through the gates of Onne. They are old corp mates of mine:
sexylips2012 Gaterau > gf
Brink Albosa >Saftsuze o/
Saftsuze > gf
Merk Stainz >Saftsuze o/
Lucas Padecain >Saftsuze o/
Saftsuze > o7 riftas
sexylips2012 Gaterau > Hahaha you called all them for me
Saftsuze > heh, yeah
sexylips2012 Gaterau > noob bye any wAYS
Saftsuze > she mad
Some customers really think highly of themselves.

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